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Book Your Umrah Package in 3 Simple Steps

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Step2: Search and Book your Flight Now!   *tip:  Always Compare Price with our team before booking online, in most of cases we are able to beat any online prices as we do get some agent discounts from Airline Consolidators which we can share with you as bonus for you to use our system.  

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Step3: Booking your Transport in Mecca and Madina
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Now Answers to some of your Common Questions:

Question: How much is the visa cost?

Answer:  There is no fee from ministry of Hajj, only agents who have got Umrah licences charge around £65  for there service.

Question: How long it takes to get and Umrah visa?

Answer:  To be on safer side you should always send your passports at least two week before your traveling dates.  It can be done in one week, if you provide you passports on Thursday or Friday, you can usually get it back on next Thursday. Saudi embassy receives passports on Mondays and Tuesdays and returns on Thursdays and Fridays. But before submitting the passports agents needs to apply for MOFA in online system and get it confirmed from Hajj ministry Saudi Arabia. Its only possible if you provide your passports on Thursday or Friday to expect to get them back on next Thursday or Friday.

Question:  Can it be even more cheaper then the prices showing on website?

Answer:  Yes in some cases, we can get even cheaper from our direct Hotel sources in Saudia, and also get some cheaper flights from our flight consolidators and other agents who are holding some block seats specially in high seasons of Easter Holidays and Ramadan.  You are advised to always double check the prices with our consultants before booking it online. Our Support team is available at 0208-150-6556.

Question: I am not that technical to search and book myself?

Answer:  Its not a problem please feel free to call our customer support @ 0208-150-6556 and they will do every thing for you.

Question: Why you are showing the actual prices, which hotels and flights will charge?

Answer:  We have deeply evaluated this market since almost 5 years. We believe their is lot of  ”hidden factor” in this market due to which agents are charging lot higher then the actual charges and this Hajj and Umrah market is less transparent then rest of travel and other markets, so we are doing some efforts to make this industry a little bit more transparent for the good of  our Muslim brothers and sisters. We are trying to help nature to play its self -correction mechanism to make this market more transparent insha-Allah.

Question: Are there any other charges, I have to pay on top of the prices showing on the website?

Answer:  It depends how you would like to complete your booking. If you would like to book every thing yourself  online on our website then you will not be charged any thing extra. If you wanted us to book it all for you and provide you personalized and dedicated customer service, In that case we will charge you our service charges.

Question: Are these packages and flights ATOL protected?

Answer:  Yes off course, these hotels providers and flights consolidators are big brands, and all of them have required licenses.

Question: Is it safe to book online?

Answer:  Yes its very safe, and now with the help of advance technology and internet, most of the travel products and being booked online.

Question: I want to book what should i do?

Answer:  You should start searching for hotels and flights, if you need any help feel free to call us on 0208-150-6556.

Question: I like your website and idea of transparency what can i do for this good cause?

Answer:  Spread the word out about our website, and let your friends and family take advantage of the information provided on our website.